Triple Triad Gold


The famous Final Fantasy VIII card game


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Triple Triad Gold is a game inspired by the popular card game from Final Fantasy VIII. You can play it alone or against a friend on the same computer.

Triple Triad Gold lets you look over at all the cards you're dealt during the game and see the images related to them (taken directly from Final Fantasy 8) as well as their stats. Also, before you fight, you'll be able to set the rules exactly how you want them.

The duels in Triple Triad Gold are very simple: you put down three cards and take the highest number from each side. Whichever person has the higher number wins their opponent's corresponding card. Really simple. Also after a couple duels the gameplay will become much easier to understand.

Triple Triad Gold is a very fun card game. It was already fun in Final Fantasy VIII and it still is outside of it.
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